We specialize in making everything we touch elegant, beautiful, luxurious and interesting. We are deeply passionate about the appearance and atmosphere of your brand. We want to achieve an all encompassing experience to communicate the vision and mission of your brand at its fullest potential.

ART DIRECTION : We can create the visual identity of any areas of your marketing and business. We derive our vision from the world of art, design, culture, fashion and many more spaces to forge originality and ingenuity into the look and ambiance of your company, ad campaign, event or product.

DESIGN : We provide the following design services.

Interior Design : We partner with like-minded brands and developers to design commercial spaces for retail, real estate developments, bars, restaurants, corporate office spaces, art galleries, fitness studios, salons and spas. We are always excited to work with new concepts or spaces that are moving and rebranding.

Event Design : Creating the ultimate atmosphere for any kind of luxury event is our specialty. If it is a dinner party to thank your top VIP clients or to drive traffic to your boutique or to launch a new space, we create incredible concepts to capture what your brand is about and to organize an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Web Design : We love to build your virtual platform that is visually enticing as it is functional. We believe you need both of those characteristics to provide a memorable online experience.

Graphic Design : We can apply our graphic design expertise into logos, marketing materials, product labels, business cards and more. Every moment of every detail of your brand is imperative to create the ultimate business to consumer relationship.

STYLING : We provide the following styling services.

Wardrobe Styling : We have been in the wardrobe styling business for over 16 years. We are able to style for editorial, commercial, film and tv projects internationally.

Hair & Makeup Styling : Our team of talented hair stylists and make up artists are here to complete the look of any photo or film production.

Event Styling : We can fully execute the event design to perfection by being on the ground with you leading up to and during any event that we design for you.

Space Styling : Once the interior design has been executed we can come into any space and put together the final touches that bring together the full ambience of any space.

NOTE : We offer personal & residential styling services to an exclusive clients. Please contact us for more information.

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