We believe in sharing the best of the best brands that are out there doing big things.

PRODUCTION : We specialize in producing photoshoots and video campaigns to feature your brand in an editorial and unique way.

Photoshoot Production : We create, produce and manage all photoshoots from start to finish. We have an excellent team of art directors, photographers, wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, make up artists, set designers, models and location managers to execute all shoots on an editorial level. We also can supply product shoots if needed.

Film Production : As stated above, we have a talented team of videographers along with all other needed roles to produce impactful add campaigns, music videos or short films to feature artists, seasonal fashion collections and beyond.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING : Having the right content, posting consistently and creating strategic partnerships with the right influencers is imperative to your brand and its success. We help align your social media marketing scheme with the identity and vision of your brand. The following services are available for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Art Direction : We provide a creative vision of the look, feel and message your brand is promoting through social media.

Account Management : We can manage your social media post scheduling and Instagram feed layout so you don’t have to.

Content Creation : We can help you produce content for your social media accounts via photoshoots, videos and a curation of stock photos so you can capture the right audience.

Ad Campaign Management : We can produce and manage your add campaign for an impactful return on your sponsored posts.

Influencer Management : We handle finding the right influencers to promote your brand and product. From building the relationships to managing the featured posts we help your brand get known through a targeted audience.

Growth Management : We can grow your following and engagement of a target audience on Instagram and Pinterest to create more brand awareness. This is done through an algorithm that pushes your content to the front so that your accounts can get noticed quicker and more often. This in turn produces followers and engagement in an organic way.

PUBLIC RELATIONS : We are passionate about the brands we work with getting into the spotlight and gaining the exposure they need.

Press Release : We can write and manage your press release on a local, national or international level. If you are looking to announce a brand, special event or new product, we are here to get you featured in the best way through strategic media outlets.

Event Management : We can create, produce and manage special events to gain a new audience. If it be a restaurant opening, gallery showing, pop up shop, runway show, brand launch and any other reason for the world to experience your vision, we are here to help you host a luxury atmosphere to be shared with media outlets, influencers and a target audience to portray what your brand and product is all about.

WEBSITE : It is important that you are gaining click through to your websites that in turn drives sales and physical traffic through your business’s doors. We can do this through SEO optimization and email campaign management.

SEO Optimization : We can manage your SEO optimization so your website will gain awareness, traffic and sales.

Email Campaign Management : We can manage your email campaigns so that they stay consistent with your brand marketing and to connect more directly with your brand audience.

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