About The Company

Concrete Coterie is a creative agency that specializes in creative direction, brand development and marketing. Our client focus is high end and editorial projects ranging from fashion ad campaigns, exclusive events, digital marketing for a beauty brand, the interior design of a bar, the launch of a product and other numerous options. Our field of concentration is working in the luxury and unique world of fashion, beauty, fitness, real estate, nightlife, fine art, food and beyond. Along with connecting with like minded brands, we consult for exclusive personal clients. We believe in adding elegance and edge to every part of a business and one’s life.

We opened for business in January of 2015 as a creative agency in Winter Park, FL. The company has grown into a grounded and global platform of services to help brands and people live into their fullest potential. We are now based in London and you can often find us working on projects in New York, LA and Florida. We currently work with clients through out the US and the UK and we are excited to announce that our services are now available internationally.

Our mission is to create beauty in all things, cultivate authentic relationships amongst the creative industries, produce excellence at all times and to build a company culture focused on growing leaders globally through self development, work life balance and intentional mentorship.

About the founder


Anna is a business owner, artist and advocate for justice, adventure and dreams. After growing up in the panhandle of Florida, she has worked in the fashion industry for over sixteen years in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Florida and London. One of her greatest passions is creating beauty in various mediums, such as fashion design, the fine arts and creative direction for brand concepts, marketing and special events. Another focus of hers is creating value and quantifiable results for businesses by connecting brands and people to one another through building authentic and intentional relationships on a global level.

Anna founded Concrete Coterie because her greatest gift is seeing the potential in everything and everyone and having the skills to cultivate that potential into fruition. She is a futurist, a visionary, a business mind and a leader. She is currently working on extending the concept of Concrete Coterie and is looking forward to the exciting growth that is in the near future.

"My hope is for every human is to be unashamedly themselves and to live in a fierce strength out of grace, love and beauty. You are loved. You are free. You are ready now.”

- Anna Marie Christmas